How to start a business for beginners with small capital but can make a lot of profit

How to start a business for beginner 
 withsmallcapital but can make a lot of profit:


With planning as minimal as possible because the execution of the business ultimately makes us successful is that we can do it quickly and we get feedback and we keep repeating it so that's the disclaimer at the beginning about theory or what you have learned about building a business from scratch and in my opinion this simplest can be used to build a business that is worth hundreds or even billions.

The first thing we have to discuss is what business is, by definition, business is an organization to make a profit by selling services or products, so as many keywords as before, there are three organizations, profit services or products, now discuss business, if we have an organization, for example, if we use our train, run over is a bit difficult for us to lose.

Business because we sell ourselves can also be used later if for example we build a company that one day the company can be sold but you can see about the concept of equity in a business, maybe the average here already knows.  What is a business, for example, imagine that we can build a restaurant where there are smart employees, there are developers, designers, or business ideas that we sell goods, we make it ourselves,

Step by step, how do we make a business from scratch, actually it's the simplest, it's still the only thing we need, we need to know if we build a business, maybe I can sleep in language about business motivation, how about it? Is my clothing business, but this is specific for those of you who already know I want to do business, if we talk about the business component in the Canvas business model, there are so many tears, but so far I've finally simplified product marketing and operating,

We will discuss one by one and what important things must be considered if we go to premium 3 days this first the product of every business must have a more precise word cover what we offer to people the product itself there are two categories of goods and services that can be legally physical goods, selling goods while if service, namely in the form of services, for example, for example, you sell the design services, for example, you only sell, but you only sell, but you only sell it to people. Items from the cave were born to the project rakel, each

The important product we know is that what we are offering to that person may be purchased, no need to wait for it to be perfect, no need to wait for it to be believed, I can't possibly be asked to choose, to choose one thing to consider from the production aspect is the name unit economics agent.

If, for example, we sell food for Rp. 100,000, the capital must be Rp. 40,000. In rough language, the food has 40 or the cost of good sold. The price that must be paid to sell the goods, why is the economic unit here important? Maybe we can help again to have a playroom if we have goods,

If, for example, 40% capital, then we can place 20% in front of it What is it used for marketing? 20% for marketing. So the details of this product breakdown are actually the concern of the economic unit being a dead member.  Yes, it's really thin, usually it's already difficult for us to send short messages about our products, we're ready to over want goods or services, of course, economics is still 2, so let's sell this. This is a crucial aspect, in my opinion, marketing is more important than products.


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