Car repair business to be able to grow

Car repair business to be able to grow

This time I will share tips on how to start a car repair business, because the longer the number of cars always increases every year.  This is driven by the increasing purchasing power of the people in buying cars through car loans that cannot always function properly sometimes the engine is disturbed so it doesn't function properly and this has to be given maintenance every month by the car repair shop this is an opportunity for us to start a car repair business  .  How do we start a car repair business?

First, we have to find a business area first, so at least it has to be able to accommodate 3 to 5 cars at once so it doesn't disturb other people. We have to find a strategic location, at least it can be made by many people so that people know that there is a workshop here.

The second is the equipment and work equipment that must be prepared, the equipment. What kind of equipment do we have to check, make a small checklist, so that we are ready to provide services and can help to service people's cars,

The third is that we have to provide excellent service quality, we have to be real in the workshop, we have to ensure cleanliness in the room so that they are comfortable and can provide television with suitable music material so that people who are waiting don't get bored and feel comfortable there, make sure all of our employees are friendly  and full of smiles, as well as having very good expertise and are proficient in their field, we as car repair shop owners accept criticism and suggestions from the promotion strategy.

How do we market our car repair shop, we have to cooperate with companies around the city, because each and every one of them will definitely do maintenance for the car we have to offer cooperation with their company, for routine maintenance services for automotive events we install neon boxes in  front, put up banners and banners, let the castomer or company know if there is a car repair shop around them,

Provide a damage guarantee for one week if after we take care of the car then damage occurs within 1 week then we can provide free service.

Promotion strategy How can we be known and how will other people return to our workshop, receive service calls, provide service calls. Therefore we don't know when it will break down, when it will stop, when it will strike, so we give a special birth, namely 24-hour online call kites.

We will feel comfortable with him and he will be loyal to our workshop, in preparing to make sure the company's finances are organized and recorded in an orderly manner and documented so that we can analyze whether this company is good or not. Next, we have to make sure our technicians have good direction.  and proficient and truly qualified expertise.

Must look for a technician who prioritizes honesty and also a friendly attitude.  give souvenirs to our loyal customers to make them remember us, and the important thing is that there are souvenirs from us to loyal customers, hats, clothes or umbrellas.

Good luck


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