Withdrawing money in insurance doesn't have to wait 10 years-this is the way

How to withdraw insurance money?  Do you have to wait 10 years, consider the following tips:

Is it necessary to wait 10 years to be able to withdraw money in insurance?  How do you withdraw money, is it like withdrawing money from a bank?  How long is the process of withdrawing how much money can be withdrawn by all?  How to take insurance money?  Is the money taken through an agent or transferred through a bank?  if you don't have a bank account, you can transfer it to someone else's account, to the account of your husband, wife, brother, sister, father, mother, is it okay to transfer to a certain bank or any bank?

Insurance tips sent the first question When can we withdraw insurance money, we need to wait 10 years, so for these 10 years, customers have been continuously depositing insurance premiums, even though it could be declining or even selling land for jangmi, depositing the premium because they are afraid that the results of their insurance investment will be bad if they don't routinely deposit you.  If you are experiencing economic difficulties to get insurance,

But your insurance can still be claimed in full and if you need money you can withdraw it, you don't need to wait 10 years. The important thing is to follow the conditions for withdrawing funds. Do you think withdrawing insurance money is like withdrawing money at the bank. You go to the bank, fill out a withdrawal slip at the teller, it is processed and you get the money directly from the teller, and it's a half hour process.

The reality is not that insurance. One you still have money in your insurance. The second is to fill out a withdrawal form from an insurance company.

You can get this form from your agent or from an insurance company when there is a minimum usual withdrawal, so you can't withdraw only 100 thousand from your insurance fund.  2 million, your insurance is active because it is assumed that when a customer needs funds, there is a possibility that the customer does not deposit insurance premiums and this policy can.

i How long is the withdrawal period usually 2 to 3 weeks after the complete withdrawal document is received by the Insurance center and here there is a very verification process from telephone insurance to the customer for the conform table that you are submitting a withdrawal of insurance funds the goal is so that your money is not eaten by the agent  naughty one, how come it can be stolen?

How do you input and advise, such as Andi Boil Intan and others, you can make savings on behalf of customers by finding their friends who have the same name, then the money is withdrawn and transferred to the account that is placed here, so make sure your mobile number and active email are registered with insurance  so that if something bad happens you get confirmation.  How can you find out if your cellphone number is already registered with insurance if you receive an sms, payment notification or bill to pay premiums from insurance it means your number has been registered but if so far you haven't received it contact afen,

You now or sign up for insurance by calling them.  Does this insurance work for all of you, doesn't mean that the insurance policy cover is turned off as stated earlier, it is mandatory to leave funds.  those entrusted to the insurance office or to your agent cannot be transferred to the customer's bank account without an account.  Can you give power of attorney by transferring to other people's accounts and other people, for example, if you are a husband, wife, children, father, mother or neighbors, all of them are not allowed.

Must transfer to the account of the policyholder.  Why is it because of avoiding the occurrence of lying between one's own relatives which is like the dramas on television where the wife forbids the husband while the wife?  parents' accidents and all kinds if you don't have an account that opens next. Does it have to be a certain bank or any bank, ladies and gentlemen, you can open an account at any bank.  others nationally

Ladies and gentlemen, the most important thing is withdrawing your insurance funds. Withdrawing funds will be calculated based on the bookkeeping link unit price, namely 23 weeks after you submit a fund withdrawal and during these 23 weeks, the unit link price may change because based on stock prices or market movement prices this will affect  process and amount of withdrawal, for example, if you have a balance with a value of 10 million in your insurance, because you have to leave a minimum of 2 million, then you can withdraw a maximum of 8 million.

Let's say the price of Rp. 3,000 per unit after 3 weeks has passed. It has decreased to 2700, which means it has decreased by 10%, meaning that the value of the balance in your insurance has decreased from 10 million to 10% to 9 million by having to oblige us 2000000, meaning you can't withdraw your 8 million anymore.  You can only withdraw a maximum of 7 million and when you book and it turns out that you ask for the name of the patient's love. You can't withdraw more than that. You will be contacted again and if you don't pick up, this transaction will be considered canceled and you will have to repeat the process from the beginning.


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