Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023

Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023

General passenger requirements if you want to take the newest train, written in June 2023 referring to the ministry of transportation circular letter number 17 of 2023, to be precise, issued on June 12, 2023,

 The requirements for taking the train are now much easier in color. The first color is regarding the Covid-19 vaccination and vaccination is recommended because it is still vaccinating, but I once asked a Flashlight from PT Kereta Api Indonesia 121, the conditions for Covid patients have been relaxed, so is it possible for those of you who haven't done Booster dose vaccinations, or haven't even had vaccinations at all. Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023

However, if you are in good health, you may travel by train, but for you it is still recommended to be able to carry out vaccinations like that, then secondly, make sure you use a mask, it is more recommended, but passengers who do not use masks are also allowed, according to regulations and circular letter number 17 of the Ministry of Transportation in 2023,

 The latest update is okay for passengers wearing masks, but it's not recommended not to wear masks because it's for safety together, if you don't want to wear masks it's okay, the important thing is you know that you are in good health.

 Likewise, for passengers who are unwell, for people who are in an unwell condition or at risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19, it is recommended to keep their distance from their friends and for the transmission of Covid-19 to occur, for further travellers or this nation, they are still advised to carry hand sanitizer, to maintain sterility.

 All in essence is to be loaded on the train in 2023 to be precise starting June 12 2002 for the vaccination requirements that have been abolished but it is still recommended to work with friends but for those of you who may not have carried out the vaccination at all, yes, the second or third dose 1 vaccination for you to still be allowed to take the train, maybe that's the latest information on the train in the latest update.

 But for the sake of the common good, there's nothing wrong if you want to travel out of town or abroad, it's better for you to vaccinate according to what the government expects.


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