unsecured sharia savings and loans

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you again, this time I will discuss about sharia savings and loans without collateral,

There is good news that there is a Pegadaian Sharia Kurd loan, So apart from the bank, it turns out that the Pawnshop also has Sharia KUR loans, at this pawnshop, the maximum bank KUR loan is 10 too, even though it is only 10 million but the application is very easy and without grace, so if you have a business and want to expand your business by increasing your Shariah loan capital, the solution is here.

   Provide cash loans at Pegadaian so those who want to apply will be submitted at the nearest Pawnshop branch in your closest area.  and for all people to apply for a loan the terms and conditions are, the conditions are the same as applying for a credit loan as usual at the bank, there is only a slight difference in this pawnshop, the difference may be somewhat easier because where the borrower is at the bank at least 21 years old,unsecured sharia savings and loans

 Meanwhile, at this pawnshop, you can apply for a loan at a minimum age of 17 years. So if you are 17 years old and already have a business and want to expand your business, then this pawnshop is the right place to apply for additional capital for a business. If you are 17 years old, of course you must have an electronic KTP.

If the pawnshop is already in the closest place, what are you waiting for, while there is an opportunity to start a business, you can also borrow capital from a pawn shop without collateral,

Furthermore, because the KUR loan at this pawnshop is indeed without grace, so this pawnshop needs to be careful, friends, so to apply this month for this loan, you must have a permanent place of residence, so it's proven by the TDP of the land tax or also include a letter or electricity account. Next, you must have a business statement that has been prepared, so friends can take it to the nearest Pawnshop branch and submit it.

For example, when submitting today, then on the same day it will also be disbursed, but if you want it to be liquid, there's nothing wrong if you submit it, maybe a little earlier in the morning is better.  it might be possible if not, it could also be around 1's late but the disbursement is tomorrow,

The terms and conditions may not include financing for other needs or loans elsewhere, such as motorbike loans or loans whose nature has been recorded by BI, if you already have a red record for loans elsewhere, don't expect them to be translucent.

 Make sure that if you apply for this loan, BI checking is safe, so it's safe that there are no loans elsewhere and the files are ready.


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