Profitable side business of buying and selling used cars

 I'm trying to start a business buying and selling used cars.  At that time, I did not have the courage to start because I still had a big responsibility, that buying and selling used cars must be delicious, definitely profitable??.  That's not the case either, but it does have its own advantages and challenges to get started, the advantages of buying and selling the first used car. Yes, if we have lots of friends, at least on WhatsApp Story friends, we can say that once our post can be seen by 100 people, that's not bad, there's a key to buying and selling only through WhatsApp Stories.

For example, if we have a lot of friends, there are those who just need a used car. As long as I'm looking for a car to hunt for that dream car, sometimes there are bank employees who buy and sell used cars, sometimes there are police who have a second hand buying and selling used cars, And it doesn't interfere with the rhythm work, so the point is to keep trying. Profitable side business of buying and selling used cars

 What time every once in a week, maximum 2 weeks, have I checked the stock? If possible, 3 or 4 days, I have tried to sell it, to get time flexibility which is really relatively interesting in terms of time.

Now the most flexible way is when we have coffee from 4pm to 5pm we can check our homework, if we want to meet at the office at night, we will meet at the exact place that is confirmed, please check, if not I can get permission to meet in the parking lot of this office.  the time is extraordinary, then Then the third is if indeed we have capital and what is the minimum capital if we have sufficient capital or even when there are relatives who really have limited money, there are investors.  the reason for buying and selling used cars will close.

 I haven't found it yet because there are people who are more able to buy a new car but there are still many who can only afford to buy the first used car and then the chairman. At first I opened an agent business.  I was the room section when I was young 60 million, count 60 million 95 looking for money one million and a half two million. Because my target was to come, it was important to sell that day, so I only spent one and a half and 12 hours for Operations. I came here from Jakarta at that time.  is the pain without homework so that it came here saying it was posted even though it's very, very thin if it's been more than 3 days and it's not a headache I'm sorry,

 The most important key to our safety in buying and selling used cars is to buy a very cheap one if the margin icon from the market is 250, for example, we have a capital of 175-200 max, it really depends on the price of the car.  at the time of checking we did homework about what all of that was because it was a considerable shortcoming to make a house from us apart from the risk of the unit then we were dizzy if the model was just that, but as long as you still get the main job it's okay with you Dian the papers  like to make it quite complicated, but in the end when buying it has a standard that when you want to buy it you want to go online first don't go to the location if the online check doesn't come out at or what is that we look for ourselves a lot when we arrive at the location earlier  If we still have time, we have to go to  for a physical check.

 But at least if the point is all translucent so for example if it's not blocked the ownership by the first party is released with the reason being sold which must be watched out for. then how much ideal capital can we run If I think the amount is more or less try between 60 million it's already good we can play  maybe someone will buy this for sure,

 If you try to follow, if there is a market playing Innova, follow along with playing Innova, so that means we are following what is selling in the market.

 For example, if we find a car that is in good condition like a Limo, it used to be under 50 million Gen 2, 2006-2007 Above 60, all Innova used to be Innova gasoline, who wants to use an old gasoline Innova, right, but buy it in the 70's now, if not 108 will get this  in that year especially in black automatic

We just made it clear that this beautiful car is why we don't use it like that.  Yes, if there are deficiencies, it's natural that the name is also an item in a car, there must be deficiencies, right? It hurts a lot, my friends.  Yes, indeed Come on, we have discussed it together, we have discussed it, the audience is aware that the reviews that we submit are true, that's the proof, Innova gasoline now, what are the fans like, me, or are the fans x-over when we recommend it, that's it, so it's more or less like that, friends, the main capital is from our own will.

 To be precise, to make a profit of 1 or 2 million. It's pretty good to play half of it for additional needs. Half of it is made extra, so within a month or two, maybe we will get an additional capital of up to 10 million.

 Good luck


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