Details of insurance payments on adstera bri and education savings

Nowadays there are still many who don't know the advantages of insurance. I will explain briefly.  What is the purpose of insurance, what are the insurance products that are sold, what are the provisions?  How to pay, what are the methods and the validity period.

Listen carefully here I want to explain briefly.  What is insurance Insurance is an action that refers to a business that is responsible for compensating for life, property and health from unexpected events such as damage, loss or death of various kinds of products offered by insurance, includingDetails of insurance payments on adstera bri and education savings

 This time I want to give you information about insurance, namely the Astera Health and Welfare fund.

 Astera is the right health protection program to protect families from unexpected expenses due to the high cost of various treatments at the hospital. The benefits if you take this insurance yourself are the benefits of compensation for funeral money then protection for hospitalization like those of you who are treated in the ICU or have surgery and then can make a double claim.

If you are already registered with BPJS, you can still claim it by bringing receipts from your results of taking action at the hospital, you do it, then you just submit it to BRI.  If you are aged 18 to 30 years, the minimum contribution is IDR 55,000, and a maximum of IDR 412,500 then at the age of 31 to 42 years your minimum contribution is IDR 100,000 and a maximum of IDR 750,000 then 43 to 55 years for monthly installments it's IDR 1,175,000 and a maximum of IDR 1,312,500.

 It will be cheaper compared to monthly. So if you take the annual one you will get the discount at the minimum age of 1 to 17 years for an installment of IDR 50,000. You calculate it per year, then you will deposit IDR 600,000 but if you take the annual one, you will get a discount of IDR 44,000, which is a contribution of IDR 556,000.  So, then you can also make a claim for reimbursement of daily hospitalization costs, compensation for the 120 days you are treated. So if, for example, in one year you can make a claim more than once, if you have made the claim more than 120 times, then you can no longer make a claim, then in the second year.

 You can do it again starting from zero.  So you can make a claim again because the calculation of claims in the following year will return to 120 days later. You also get compensation for mourning money if you are aged 1 to 17 years. If you die, you will get compensation of 25 million, with premium contributions of Rp. 50,000 per month, or Rp. 556,000 per year, then ICU reimbursement costs for a maximum of 90 days of hospitalization in the first year. So if x claim this 1 year for 7 days later in one year you healthy, then for a maximum of filing a claim it will still be returned 90 days so there are no deductions so every year,

 You get that share and get a replacement claim, for 90 days with a maximum claim of IDR 400,000 per day, with a monthly contribution of IDR 100,000. So if for 5 years you don't make a claim during that time, your money will be withheld.

 If you have agreed and you will be included in Asstera insurance, you can make a deposit via an ATM machine by selecting another transaction menu, then the last menu, then selecting the Briva menu and entering the existing Briva number that has been printed which has been given by the B Vanya officer or the insurance assignment from BRI, then go straight to the payment process. You can also choose to transfer funds from savings directly to insurance premiums.


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