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Price List for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones January 2019

Price List for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones January 2019

On this occasion, as the admin of the blog, I will share information about the price list for Nokia Lumia phones in January 2015. If you want to know complete information about the prices for Nokia Lumia phones, here is a review that you can read and see in full:

Below is a table containing a list of cellphone prices that you can see directly from the admin blog.  This table includes new and used prices for reference.  It should be noted that the prices listed are reference prices and can change at any time, depending on the type of goods and market conditions.  To find out the latest price information for this month, please check the table below.

 Brand typeNew priceUsed priceNokia Lumia 630Rp.  1.999.000,-0.00Nokia Lumia 1320Rp.  4.700.000,-0.00Nokia Lumia 1520Rp.  9.000.000,-0.00Nokia Lumia 1020Rp.  6,750,000,-Rp.  6,050,000, -Nokia Lumia 925 Rp.  4,999,000,-Rp.  4,350,000, -Nokia Lumia 625 Rp.  2.050.000,-Rp.  1,800,000, -Nokia Lumia 520 Rp.  1.425.000,-Rp.  1,025,000, -Nokia Lumia 720 Rp.  2.250.000,-Rp.  1,900,000, -Nokia Lumia 9200.00 Rp.  3,400,000, -Nokia Lumia 8200.00 Rp.  2,999,000, -Nokia Lumia 510 Rp.  1.400.000,-Rp.  1,000,000, -Nokia Lumia 620 Rp.  1.900.000,-Rp.  1.175.000,-Nokia Lumia 9000.00 Rp.  2,200,000, -Nokia Lumia 6100.00 Rp.  875,000, -Nokia Lumia 8000.00 Rp.  1.350.000,-Nokia Lumia 7100.00 Rp.  1.150.000,-

 This is information about Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Price List in January 2015 which we hope will be useful for you.  Thank you very much for your visit and the time you took to visit our website.

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