Private policy surgery-health insurance at an insurance company

Everything is digital, choose to get the electronic version of the policy book, aka volleyball, getting there is really easy here, just fill in the Alliance connection and the first number Allianz eazy appears, connect, just enter the email and password that are registered on the main page at Allianz eazy,

When I've entered or logged in here, it's in my documents section, here's the policy book, and I can download the policy book, here, the police's choice, the electronic version is the same as the printed version, the only difference is that this one can be accessed anywhere, so it saves paper, it's environmentally friendly, and on the first page of the policy book, insurance policy data.  here I take the premium Rp. 1,500,000 per month, whatever I get.

Oh yes, it just so happens that the insurance taken is unit linked insurance.  So, part of it is insurance and part of it is also an investment, I'll explain in another section, OK? If you love it, it's like what it's for, whatever benefits you can get with a premium of Rp. 1,500,000. The first is basic insurance or life insurance, here it's called a smartlink Flexi account, plus the coverage value is 500 million.

There is platinum and there are spots on the gender side, precision, power reset or like and share and continuous precision. Cancer, whatever. This is compensation when my partner, as a customer, is hit by a critical illness here, not to cover critical illness. There are 168 diseases, platinum.

The customer gets compensation worth 300 million rupiah and it contains other additional benefits, there is a gender-specific benefit, which in my opinion is one of its advantages.  Because there is very rarely critical illness compensation, which also covers cancer, which is of a gender nature, usually only covers other types of insurance, which are general in nature, such as skin or liver cancer, while for those that are gender-specific, cervical cancer in women or prostate cancer in men is not covered.

At Alianz, he doesn't cover either here. There's also something that happens if, for example, a customer has cancer but is still in an early stage.  He will be reset in a year, so say here the 300000000 have already been taken but please doctor Lidya, only 50% of the liquid will be 150 million liquid. If within a year of service, it will be 300 million more because usually if it's in the early stages it doesn't rule out the concert there will be an advanced stage too right But to recover for cancer which is still here today I'm taking advantage

Additional Power reset continues to be added here as well as continuous where for example here I have already claimed compensation for example I have a critical illness here the coverage of disease is that there are 49 diseases I don't need to pay premiums anymore this is one of the advantages of unit link insurance which is not available in traditional insurance or pure insurance because this benefit can indeed require customers to pay premiums when customers are due to critical illness conditions because surely we know that for example if you have been critically ill your productivity is difficult so here you don't have to pay anymore

Because it will be paid by Allianz, I will continue to take it here and I will also take additional benefits, namely term.  This Life is actually the same as a smartlink Flexi account so it's life insurance but for smartlink Flexi Kang this class can cover up to my age of 100 years while for the term Life it covers me Until the age of 85 the most important benefit and what I will discuss in detail in this video is Hospital and surgical care Premier X This is the benefit of a hospital card from Allianz for health where if for example a customer has to undergo treatment at a hospital use this card and it is cashless in nature with a total limit of 15 billion.  I'll tell you the details later, from here you can see that the gender is essential X.

This second page is a transaction statement from the insurance that I took or the link unit that I took at Allianz, so it's like before. Previously, I said that for example the unit link was partly to pay for insurance and partly for investment. On this second page, there is a description of which investment I chose and how many units were allocated to the investment.

So I took the legitimate portfolio.  The majority of stocks are a must and Khairi and also because I think about it Actually I'm not thinking about investing here because this is for the long term just in case So I'm not going to take what's here just to kill it and make it a cover for my insurance costs for example if later I take leave at premium I don't want to pay premiums but I'm just fine I don't get critically ill so I can take advantage of the investment value that has been formed from this equity fund map link now on the next page This is an attachment to insurance costs here there is a description of where the insurance products are how much is the allocation fee for insurance, so here you can see here there is basic insurance, smartlink Flexi account plus,

For my age, when I first took this insurance, the insurance fee was IDR 67,500 at the age of 28.  This means that next year there will still be Rp. 67,500 below it, so the total amount for my insurance costs at the age of 27 is actually only Rp. 723,000

while in the coming year Russia Bu 8 will increase to a total of IDR 730,000.  So this is actually a pure allocation fee for the insurance while the rest is allocated to achievements and recognition and other administrative costs actually for Reni to initially buy insurance the allocation for only around 7 hundreds of thousands of troops paid is IDR 1,500,000.

How it works for unit linked insurance, everything is in the policy book, everything is fully explained in detail in the first year, the allocation fee for what is invested is actually only 25%, so say earlier, 1000500 of my premium, the cost of insurance is 700 thousand and bananas 25% which is just invested, the rest, where the rest is for acquisition costs, for example, if you have seen it on my Instagram, I can explain.  What is an acquisition, then in the second year the location for this investment increases to 60%, in the third year it increases again to 85% and so on until the 6th year, so for unit linked insurance, generally in insurance companies it is the first 5 years.

So it's only 100% in the sixth year and so on, so there are a lot of people who, for example, explain to the insurance agent that they save everything when they check it in year 5, it turns out that it doesn't live up to the expectations of many customers, many are disappointed because they weren't told this information.

if for sure it's like this including the provisions regarding the hospital card for this alliance, I want to tell you about the benefits table.  Hopefully it can be petrified and useful.


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