How to claim accident, beret, dented or badly damaged car insurance

How to claim accident, scratched or damaged car insurance?

This time I want to share my experience.  How easy is it to do vehicle insurance and what steps are there when we help with insurance that has Before we continue with the video, don't forget to support this channel by clicking the subscribe button and clicking the below.

There are a number of things that are covered. First, does principle insurance continue?  Is the insurance only with you being covered if the insurance is only being covered means the month when a loss occurs or a major accident occurs so that it covers about 5% of the damage depending on the insurance rules itself it could be that 50% of the damage is already covered by yourself some are  new after 70% new in the sector.

If the insurance is 10 branches, it includes the insurance for the vehicle itself, that is, when there was an accident yesterday, it can usually be covered all the time. In addition, tea is usually added, namely coverage for 2.55 am.  The image includes the Google phone that was at the beginning if that means it's complete.  How to do that, first of all we have to prepare the requirements first. The conditions needed for an insurance claim are usually the first, a valid SIM KTP,STNK and the insurance policy must be brought when we want to do it.

Insurance for that we usually have to bring our vehicle apart from ordering a proper survey to be carried out so that at this time we don't experience rejection or we are rejected which needs to be confirmed before we leave to make sure the driver's license that has it is definitely valid.  So if this doesn't apply to insurance claims, insurance claims are usually rejected, then how come Sinta and Santi invented when we wanted to go home, it turned out that we checked if someone could die. 

It would be nice if we extended the SIM first and then we made an insurance claim after we got a new SIM and then there are more clocks that don't have a SIM, right? Of course friends who have a car don't have a SIM if you don't have a SIM So it doesn't mean it can be cool but  you have to borrow a friend's driver's license or whose neighbor's team you have. You go to insurance with the person you borrowed earlier.  the one who had it here earlier we borrowed in the report that brought us now but the one earlier was the second one so that your insurance thrower is not what you have to know.

Study the contract in the insurance policy again, the rules there we should read and the kakawin book for example there is one rule where when an incident occurs we come to our conclusion and when we want to go home we are obliged to report it a maximum of 5 times to 7 days  so it depends on the sine rule and the respective rules. For example, if this happened today, then after 7 days, we are not regular, we can just claim it.


Your insurance will also be refused Then what about when the incident that day we are busy And maybe even long enough to exceed the maximum limit set by the insurance the way is just this you when you have time to do the formation When giving an incident report you can make a report that the work is  just yesterday or just two days ago or three days ago the performance did not exceed the day or time determined by the insurance so that's all we have to do, the important thing is to make a report.  it just happened yesterday.

 so that your insurance is not under the third way of claiming for or third party coverage which is mining in West Surabaya schedule but I repeat again it will happen like this we walk people but the people there are damaged.  Can we have marbles as well as insurance that we have or not? This could be the car that was hit, we can do it together with our car, which we will claim for insurance when an accident involves a third party.  we have to make or we ask the party we hit earlier.

stopping at the Play Store means that after these 2 letters we will just make an insurance claim against this business, we don't agree, therefore it will also repeat.


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