How to service Avanza car tune up in 2020.

This time, we will upgrade Avanza, yes, because this car is a car for a million people, so there are lots of people who have this because of a pandemic engine, it is better for us to save money than going to the garage.

 First, first open the air filter cover. Next, you will see the air filter. Clean it using a brush or blow it using an air pump. Remove the dust and dirt that sticks to the air filter.

 After the spark plugs are removed, soak them in a liquid like carburetor or water-based, so it's safe for the rubber and then it won't burn. We'll see if the color is transparent, then it will turn black.

 Next, we check for the radiator, make sure that if you open the radiator water cap when the engine is a bit cold, don't open the engine while it is still hot because it will spray us, for leaks, we will install an adapter, then we will pump it with a radiator tester.

 We pump it up to the normal limit at number 1 and we see if there is a leak. If there is a leak, it's as soon as possible to fix it at the radiator repairman, if you feel that the radiator check is normal and safe, then the radiator cap can be checked visually.

 Then to increase the pressure you can use the radiator cap tester.  After this, we can check the fanbelt to check if there are cracks or when we are thirsty, we will check for the surface. How to set the fanbel, you can press it down, then loosen the lock bolt 14 and for the deflection range, it is 10 millimeters, so it is full inside then comes out, the deflection is around 10 millimeters, then tightens the lock bolt with 14 ml.

 Next, we check for the battery here, check the terminals and also clean the battery if it is crusty, you can use hot water, rinse it then clean it with a brush.

 For charging there is a limit a level, don't exceed it or below it because it really affects battery performance. signs for the body of the battery, if it swells it's a sign it's finally been a long time and it's time to replace it.

 After the battery is in order, we check the other fluids in the engine, such as brake fluid, here there is a limit, we add it up to the max mark, for example, the oil doesn't decrease, but the color is already cloudy, dirty, it's bad, it's better to replace it, because it can affect brake performance, it can't be maximized,

 For the power steering oil section, it must also be checked if it has a leak, it must be repaired quickly, because the function of the power steering oil is for the movement of the steering wheel, and it must be absolutely perfect because for the safety of all passengers,

 So, this contains what we soaked using carbon cleaner liquid. This is the result, the previously transparent liquid turns dirty black and the tip looks clean.

 set the spark plug gap, we use a feeler, we measure approximately 0.2 if we are narrow, right?

 We've reinstalled it for the next spark plug. We've cleaned the operator body. We turn on the engine. We can use a carburetor cleaner. We spray it on the throttle body.

 Next, we do the installation of the filter, already installing the air filter cell so that the meeting doesn't get involved or open.  Later, dust or dirt could get into the engine room if we put the cover on.

The claim is that we fasten around 5. then we do a scan on the socket we check the scan and test

 we select for the type of vehicle then the type

we check for trouble on whether there is a problem in the sensor or indicator?

 If everything is in order and normal, then the driver's comfort guarantee can be calm and safe.


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