Five basics for starting a culinary business

There are five important notes on starting a culinary business from scratch. This, friends, will pay attention to the form, you have to dig deeper so that later this can be a guide when friends start or are running a culinary business in the early stater,

1-Products with a large market, let's see, yes, the notes on a large mark-to-market are what it's like if friends are just starting a culinary business, it's better to actually sell something that's already big in the market.  Yes, a lot of people are selling, and a lot of people are selling, although of course there will be a lot of competition in it, but it's actually much better, because why? Because we don't need to be tired anymore, turning on examples. For example, for example, we sell fried rice, we sell meatballs, we sell coffee, we sell moreover there are lots of them already on the streets or everywhere online, in marketplaces and other things. This big thing will make it easier to try to sell, and because you all have a lot of that, so we don't need to be tired anymore, what's it called making or educatingconsumers to watch this, for example, friends selling large cellphone grinders, but then we have to educate the market. first or sell for example the Pondok for example is unique, but is there a package because it is very important when we want to start a business especially we see first what products have potential and the market is already big.Five basics for starting a culinary business

2-we have to prepare a mindset for a successful afternoon but we also have to be ready or not. Business is always about opportunity and also about risk. No one can guarantee that our business doesn't like it. There is certainty that it will fail. So this is an important key for friends. We have to instill it according to what we will do. But regardless of failure or success, it's about the final result that matters, the process is we want to go this way and we believe in our way of life and this is our choice to live our life in the future. the word fail we run out then comes our opportunity to be successful.

3-You have to define a brand, a lot of people whose business has started to run and are big, it turns out that the brand name is the same.

 4-have a mentor,here.  I have a mentor It's the same as minimizing risk so nowadays if the business is the best and the fastest and has the potential when then having a business mentor it will be quite difficult for us to actually run a business without a mentor.  Why because there are so many blindspots in business, people call traps that we never know.

 This mentor is the best way for friends to minimize risk and also increase the chances of being successful in the culinary business

 5-Running a culinary business is consistent, so friends, you can't have an instant mentality, so it's not easy to run a culinary business, and it doesn't take time, it takes energy and food, sometimes it can take years, friends, don't have the perception that this will be instant.  next month, friends, it will be extraordinary, suddenly the product that is running at this time is sure to succeed, isn't it not that easy, so it's a culinary business. This requires consistency, requires duration and is not something that is instant install.

 If you want to be successful in running a culinary business, whether you've started it or not, or those who are already on their way to the initial stage, friends, you have to understand that you have to be willing to learn, you have to dig a knowledge called poke selling.  selling marketing knowledge, this is really key, to be able to run a culinary business.


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