To register for insurance follow the method below


the importance of having self-protection when traveling in the form of travel insurance or travel insurance still protecting ourselves traveling out of town or abroad, make sure to get our potential when traveling because we don't know what will happen later.

 protect yourself by buying a TV, the cost of travel insurance is also not expensive, guys.  If traveling for 3 days, friends can buy insurance at Traveloka for Rp. 30,000 per person Presidential Decree How to buy TV insurance or travel insurance is okay There are lots of places to buy

 and this time I will show you where to buy travel insurance on Traveloka for friends who like Traveloka there.  You can also go directly to travel insurance there via online, so I'll just go ahead and practice the method, so this test is an application that can open or change fonts, so we'll go ahead.

insurance on Traveloka, if you step on it, but we look for it on this cellphone, we click on it, we click on pregnant. You can be happy with Allah's permission, in this cottage, it grows, moves 24 hours.

our 3-day trip often Insurance This is the choice of insurance at Traveloka in collaboration with Simas insurtech all with different phones, some are silver, some are white and some are platinum so for silver it turns out that in learning we can buy this insurance at a fairly cheap price, namely Rp. 35,000 perfect and we will see here

 this protects it, the value of protection is if you get on a plane, it is delayed and you have trouble at the office for 6 million. If there is a chalk accident, it reaches 220 million and strictly speaking, the process reaches Rp. 1,500,000 so for details before we buy, just click on 5000, we can get self-protection value from it, 3 million 500 you get 20 million, this is really good, yes, we can be here too, my friend

I'm here too.

in the living area 5000 if we are other celebrities the way to buy it is almost the same as we make a room here we fill in the phone number then we we all this blablabla we live

that's right and everything, if we buy the insurance and it turns out that it's not too expensive, that's us, we only need to pay IDR 35,000 with decent protection if we experience those things.

I think we can we can buy travel insurance anyway it's not really expensive to get insurance with a fairly well-known protection value which is unwanted.  So both are very good, namely to protect ourselves from experiencing bad things when replicating information outside the city must be maintained and always vigilant on the way so that we arrive safely at our destination.


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