Insurance is a basic human need for a better life

Insurance is a basic human need for a better life


it has become a basic need like food and drink. In ancient times, if we went for a walk, it was a normal thing, but now is it living or not traveling? That's like urang hayang even though we don't have money even though the title of the need for travel is always there in every circle of the people from the lowest class to the middle class to the top and especially after this pandemic we live like we are under restraints. Can't go anywhere.

    And so the rules for sleeping, you will see that there are lots of people who leave the house talking straight out of the house traveling to tourist attractions to the beach or out of town even abroad, but do you know that when traveling, of course there will definitely be incidents  unexpected things like Sorry, yes, a plane crash that disappeared due to bad weather or our suitcases were found at the airport and so on, friends. This is what makes us have to be prepared for incidents like this in one way, one of which is having tv insurance or travel insurance.

    Repling wherever it is what is t insurance or travel insurance from the Wikipedia travel source is asu Show to cover costs incurred as a result of the treatment of travel restrictions lost luggage incidents on the way and other losses that arise during the trip both domestic and  international trips travel insurance tests usually pictures are ordered together  by ordering tickets or you can order separately and for several insurances to offer options for cheaper or more expensive health costs depending on the wishes of all friends, if you have more length, you can buy more expensive travel insurance.  

   Insurance is a basic human need for a better life How much insurance is more expensive, of course, the value of protection or protection is much more up to friends, but remember before buying travel insurance or travel insurance, make sure you read carefully and what value you get if you buy the insurance and there are many places to buy it.  Travel insurance, guys, you can directly from the credit card you have or you can buy it on a plane ticket. You can also buy it at Traveloka, so for Traveloka later, I'll show you how to buy it there.

    Is it important to have tv insurance, of course you have heard of slanted news when traveling which can lose luggage at the airport which is canceled due to bad weather, accidents on the road while boarding a vehicle and of course there are many more unpleasant incidents when reflex. I don't want this to happen to my friends, everyone's name is tangled, yes, we can't refuse if it happens to us.


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