how to claim road user insurance including pedestrians

how to claim road user insurance including pedestrians

My statement this time represents the taxpayer's office, this time I will share how to file an accident claim at the Jasa Raharja office, or at the Samsat?  We need to know that Jasa Raharja provides two tigers in units, the first is that they are public transport passengers or private car drivers, the second is those who have been hit by public vehicles or private passengers.

 everyone on the road is entitled to insurance in the event of an accident, including pedestrians and road users, all automatically get insurance with certain criteria.

But there are also those who are not entitled to receive compensation, namely,

First, it becomes the cause of the second accident, namely vehicles or pedestrians that break through the railroad crossing that is being used,

third, namely those who deliberately drive a vehicle with the aim of suicide or are in a drunken state, or in committing a crime,

fourth, that the accident was caused by competing, or as a result of an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane, for example, there was a war in that country.

So it was an accident that didn't get Jasa Raharja and for the amount of compensation here we will discuss the business that was in an accident on the road because if you are all at sea and in the air later we will discuss it in the next video to get compensation of 50 million, while disabled victims will still get a maximum of 50 million as well.

Those who are seriously or lightly injured treated in hospital will get a maximum guarantee of 20 million, while funeral expenses for those who die and the victim has no heirs will get a funeral fee of 4 million.

Now let's discuss the procedure for the first arrangement, namely requesting an accident certificate from the Police Office. After that, ask for a health certificate or death certificate from the hospital.

After getting all of that, ladies and gentlemen, bring the identity of the victim or heir, KK and marriage certificate, after that, just go to the nearest Jasa Raharja or Samsat office, to get the form and then fill it out from the series, the most important thing is that at the time of the incident, don't let your friends' vehicle taxes die so that Jasa Raharja won't have trouble disbursing it.

The solution to disbursing insurance is to immediately collect files of dead documents and go to the office for handling vehicle registration certificates. If you have a valid driving license, take care of it immediately because without a driving license you cannot claim accident insurance.


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