Change agents in the world of insurance

Insurance Agent Evolution

hello everyone welcome to my channel don't forget to like comments and subscribe to the evolution of insurance i can see local agents have become the backbone of the industry and the target of outside forces they are trying to eliminate or observe the work roles handled by institutions and so on sir, insurance distribution model not yet  optimized, but overall there is no better approach based on the existing industry structure.  These external forces lead to trimming ineffective processes and improving effective methods.  

Local bodies are still standing and growing To stay relevant and competitive, there are several key trends impacting the insurance industry, including agency consolidation is starting new businesses, edge caps, and incorporating technology and artificial intelligence.  The first three trends will reshape the existing industry and agency business models and carefully move them into a revised structure but proponents believe that insults and artificial intelligence are disruptors that can totally change the way business is done.  the first is agency consolidation.  Large brokers have been buying smaller institutions for some time and some require these institutions to adopt a uniform business model.

It is very important for you to choose the right insurance service provider company.  The reason is, insurance is a form of financial protection needed to overcome unexpected financial risks.  The right insurance company will also help you get insurance products that suit your needs.  You can also get adequate financial protection at an affordable premium.

In short, choosing the right insurance company can provide better financial protection.  You can also ensure that the investment made in insurance will provide maximum benefits for you and your family in the future, especially when something unexpected happens.

How to Choose a Good Insurance Company

There are eight ways that you can follow to choose the right insurance company.  Listen and apply the steps below.

1. Choose a Company that Provides According to Your Needs

Good companies offer premiums that match the benefits or protection benefits offered.  Try to compare the benefits derived from premium products from two or three companies at once.  Understand your needs so that you are not easily tempted when various insurance products are offered.  You can consult about insurance needs to get the product according to your needs.

2. Choose a company that has many quality health center partners

Of course you expect to have life insurance so you can feel the convenience when you experience things that are less than desirable.

3. Learn the Insurance System

It's a good idea to also study the insurance system that applies to the company, one of which is the claim process.  Studying the insurance system will help you when you want to submit a claim, for example when a risk or disaster occurs.

4. Select Licensed Agent

Are you getting an insurance quote from an agent?  Make sure the agent already has a license as proof of experience.  Licensed insurance agents are also registered and supervised by the government.  You can check the insurance agent's membership in the Indonesian Life Insurance Association . Apart from AAJI, there are also general insurance associations and Indonesian sharia insurance which act according to the type of protection offered.  Choose which one suits your needs and financial capabilities


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