Marine and land traffic passenger insurance

Every day the ferry boat trips at Ketapang Gilimanuk port serve hundreds or even thousands of potential passengers whose number can increase at certain moments such as the flow of people homecoming during Eid and also Christmas and New Year celebrations.  risks The risks that arise include passenger accidents in the attack, one of which is to provide guarantees for passengers when there is a risk of an accident with the mode of transportation they are traveling on,

We are Jasa Raharja personnel from the Jember representative, do you know what Jasa Raharja is, let's look at it together, let's see it is a state-owned company engaged in accident insurance where the scope of its business is the implementation of law number 33, namely accident assistance  passengers from public transportation and law number 3 of 1964,

That is a meeting of road traffic accidents where guaranteed or not is based on the law mentioned in Law Number 33 of 1964 regarding the mandatory insurance fund for passenger accidents in which the victim who is entitled to freedom of engagement is Every legitimate passenger of a public transportation vehicle who has experienced  an accident, for example, in our work area Jasa Raharja Jember also has potential for quoting street vendors on the crossing from Java Island to Bali Island managed by ASDP Banyuwangi there is also a crossing from Raas Island to an island managed by local people and also several tourist boats in  Banyuwangi has collaborated with Raharja's services, you need to know too.

In public motor vehicles that are in the sinking of the ferry, the victim has the right to be given a brief double touch as follows, namely from prospective passengers who buy tickets which include the Jasa Raharja premium, then the ASDP is tasked with collecting and distributing it to Jasa Raharja

In this increasingly sophisticated era, you can buy tickets via e-money. We hope this information is useful.


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