Insurance for the carriage of goods by sea and air

 On today's occasion we will discuss freight insurance, so have we

Receiving a shipment but its position is defective or damaged or we don't even accept it at all is definitely not an impression from us as the owner of the goods so who should be responsible in this case the seller or the sender of the goods,

Unwanted events are common and usually you will send the damaged goods back to the seller, but what if the damage arises as a result of an accident, for example a plane crash or a ship carrying goods in these conditions, insurance is present,

Transportation because there will be no party responsible for the consequences of an accident that occurs in the delivery process unless there is a law and contact that regulates it. The effect of buying insurance or paying for insurance protection may be a little costly but this will be very useful and help us to deal with unexpected costs in the future either due to loss or damage to the goods sent or related legal liability costs,

The following is a brief explanation of insurance, namely transport insurance or we often call Marine cargo Insurance own transport insurance or Marine cargo insurance that provides guarantees against loss or damage during delivery of goods caused by risks which include risks that are generally guaranteed in insurance policies,

Transportation in Indonesia, including the risk of explosion, fall, accident, fall of the transportation vehicle due to a collision, you are now sinking the ship upside down or the means of conveyance out of Real or disassembling goods, emergency, general sacrifice, and the risk of throwing goods into the sea in an effort to save the voyage,

Transport insurance policies in Indonesia vary widely and their use depends on needs, namely the needs of the owner of the goods, usually not from the specifications for the type and type of goods to be transported and the route of transportation also has an effect, in this case the insured expects the type of policy that will be owned later to have the guarantee that best protects the delivery of goods using the insurance policy.

Transportation is also a consideration for each insurance company, generally from the level of risk, whether it is from the type or nature of the goods being transported, from the means of transportation used, from the packing, the route or territory for sending the goods for export, import or inter-insular, and considering the area of ​​​​the record, in this case the insurance company will determine the type of policy that is most suitable for the insurance company.

Although the most commonly used and commonly known transport insurance policy in Indonesia is the type of Institute cargo t-shirt or IC policy, in practice there are many types of transport insurance policies used by insurance companies in Indonesia, including the type of Police, there is the Institute of cargo, total loss of the cool, there is another, if the total loss of the Good following the total loss of the Season,

Specifically, for example, for close coal, there is also the Oil Claus Institute, there is also an Institute for cargo clause special air transportation

In Indonesia, in fact, Indonesia itself has a freight insurance policy, which we can call a standard Indonesian freight insurance policy, that has a guarantee of one guarantee of 2 cm and 3 or psapp guarantee of 123, there is also air transit cover-cover B from the standard insurance board,

Of the many types of insurance policies, in fact the coverage area for each has similarities and can even be said to one another, including that the ICC guarantee is identical to the standard Indonesian freight forwarding insurance policy with certain guarantees.


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