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Tiket.com is one of the largest OTA (Online Travel Agent) in Indonesia with the tagline “Where are you going?  Everyone has a ticket!”  Tiket.com provides easier and smarter access for customers to find and buy various choices of transportation, accommodation and lifestyle products.

 Tiket.com needs partners who can ensure that their customers have access to a wide selection of protection products that suit their needs. By collaborating with Cermati Protect, Tiket.com can get access to various insurance products covered by different providers through a single integration system.  door.  In addition, close cooperation with us allows Tiket.com to obtain special insurance products that are not available elsewhere in the market, thus providing unique protection benefits for their customers.

Cermati Protect continues to work closely with Tiket.com to analyze market needs.  With close cooperation and continuous product development and system improvement, our partnerships become more productive and provide added value to consumers.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, we have also successfully launched more than 8 products that enable Tiket.com to increase their business value by bringing a variety of insurance protections to the market at very affordable prices, as well as market-leading service levels. As an e-commerce platform  A leader in Southeast Asia, 

Shopee offers a one-stop online shopping experience that provides a wide selection of products, a social community for exploration, and seamless fulfillment services.  Shopee believes in the transformative power of technology and wants to change the world for the better by providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers in one community.

Therefore, they need a partner who can help them achieve their business vision more effectively and efficiently. Cermati Protect works closely with Shopee to provide solutions based on rapidly changing market needs.  The Cermati Protect architecture, which can be continuously developed according to needs, allows for a fast integration process.

Thus, Shopee was able to provide train travel insurance and gadget protection to their customers within 3 months from when the service first became available until it hit the market.

The adaptability of Cermati Protect also means we can follow strict development timelines and flow requirements.  Cermati Protect provides maximum protection for Shopee customers easily and quickly.  Starting from the policy activation process to claims, customers can experience a better shopping experience at Shopee.

Cermati Protect continues to strengthen its partnership with Shopee to continue to offer better protection benefits that are increasingly accessible and relevant to Shopee customers.

Providing Unique Products and Services
Case Study – Bukalapak
Bukalapak is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to create a fair economic ecosystem for everyone.  Through online and offline platforms, Bukalapak provides opportunities and choices for everyone to achieve a better life.

Since its establishment in 2010, Bukalapak is committed to continuing to pay attention to the empowerment of Indonesian SMEs, therefore it is important for them to work with partners who can support their vision. 

As part of our shared commitment to increasing the contribution of SMEs to the Indonesian economy, we work closely together  with Bukalapak in creating new insurance products such as Product Liability and Return Shipping Guarantee.  This product helps demonstrate SME's commitment to the quality of their products and supports their respective logistics efficiency.

Thanks to Cermati Protect's deep understanding of Bukalapak's business operations, our collaboration can effectively meet the needs of Bukalapak merchants and their customers.

Our products have received a good response from stakeholders and hope to provide more affordable protection benefits to support


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