Top 15 best insurance in Indonesia in 2023

    Insurance, which is currently in the spotlight with the many cases th

at have occurred in this industry, we know, starting from Bumiputera, Jiwasraya, Krisnalibe, to the one that has recently been very much discussed by the public, namely wanaartalight, but it turns out that according to CNBC Indonesia, a number of insurance companies have  categorized as the best and strongest in Indonesia, but what exactly is CNBC Indonesia, this segment will be explained first, CNBC Indonesia,

The rating itself is our special segment where one of CNBC Indonesia's main products is in the form of a rating on product institutions and other themes that vary every month. Design B Indonesia rating is presented by CNBC Indonesia and the system for self-criticism will be valid for the next 12 months from the date  issuance of CNBC Indonesia's rating and then in this ranking, 15 conventional life insurance companies are considered worthy of getting the best and strongest rating in 2023, let's observe what life insurance companies are together. The first category is one trillion to 5 trillion rupiah. Let's see together.

    PT star investama life insurance, PT hanfalight insurance Indonesian, PT BCA life insurance, PT pfi Mega Life insurance and PT Lippo Life wasur ance, actually in measuring the 5 companies that established the best and strongest life insurance company based on cnbc Indonesia, what are the variables  our variables are together, there is asset growth gross premium income growth which later in the future these variables will be explained further we will proceed to the next life insurance company, namely in assets of 6 trillion to 19 trillion top five from cnbc Indonesia at PT Panin dai-ichi Site  , PT life insurance Sinarmas msig Tbk PT Great eastern Life Indonesia, PT Zurich Topas Life, and PT AXA Financial Indonesia, each of which has a very strong variable,

    gross premium income, each of which is at a healthy level, which we will discuss further. Next, let's take a look at PT life insurance with assets above Rp. 20,000, which are included in the top five from Indonesia's rating, namely PT Asuransi Isi Mas, PT Asuransi Jiwa, PT AXA Mandiri.  Financial, PT BNI Life insurance, PT Prudential Life assurance, and PT life insurance Manulife Indonesian, 15 life insurance companies that are included in the strongest and best life insurance in Indonesia,

    Actually, the aspect that allowed this insurance company center to get the title of the best in Indonesia, which we are discussing at this time, is here with me at the Indonesian studio, please sir.  Akbar, we have joined together with Vanessa, an export from Indonesia, Ali Akbar,

       The first rating we order is life insurance which is included as the best and strongest life insurance based on variables that have been conditioned by friends from CNBC Indonesia along with my first question Nia What is the real reason behind this ranking of the best and strongest life insurance in Indonesia  ?

    Right now, there are a lot of giant banks outside the economy saying that 2020 was long ago, really dark, and so on, saying that it was marked by an increase in inflation and interest rates at the country's central banks, other countries are also not an exception in Indonesia,

    Besides that, yes, when we see a phenomenon like this, the need for life insurance protection is still there for those who have dependents here.  What's the way for people who may still be sick still say they are still new to insurance companies from damaged products like what should we issue what is called the best and strongest conventional life insurance, right? So, in 2023, it's still the best and strongest


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