how to choose a health insurance program-for the future

There are several types of insurance options such as allianz, axa,prudental, Manulife, AIA and others. Some are digital without a physical form and some are manual and have a physical form. For example, I spend nearly 10 million every month for insurance expenses.

why did I buy a lot of insurance?  so friends need to know when we save at level 1 or we build an emergency fund before we invest the first problem or the one that most often fails to enter level 2 and start investing is because they use the emergency fund, for emergencies We as humans don't  can deny that there is a journey called life, or death let alone to fall ill, there is an accident,how to choose a health insurance program-for the future

I'm not here to advertise my insurance nor am I an insurance agent nor do I sell products.  I want to share this with you, how important it is that we have to have insurance. First, we straighten it again about insurance, insurance is not savings, insurance is not an investment, but insurance is risk mitigation.  .

But if we already have insurance, all costs will be borne by the insurance company, we don't need to have all types of insurance, the first thing we need is health insurance, and for schools, in Indonesia we already have healt insurance, which is nationally converted insurance for all  Indonesian citizens. Indeed, for new outpatient or inpatient health care, we must know the history of healt. which used to have something called Askes.

If you have parents who are civil servants or indeed civil servants, we have health insurance where the monthly contribution is deducted from our salary and only used by all civil servants in Indonesia.  the result is outstanding service.

We don't need to think that giving medicine is definitely covered by health insurance. What happened next is that all civil servants are trying to replicate it for all Indonesian citizens with the hope that all citizens will pay health insurance contributions of up to 5.5 trillion.  if I'm not mistaken, it was transferred to that. It caused protests because what was it? It was the salaries of civil servants whose dues were deducted, now the deducted wages are used to fund healt.

In the past, if you used a health insurance card, it was replaced with a BPJS card. You came, you didn't know whether it was civil servants or ordinary people, so the services provided by officials had decreased in quality, the number of BPJS participants, from the beginning, all civil servants to all Indonesian citizens.  Charity or sadaqah which is quite wide and those friends should be used to improve civil servant parades to cover all Indonesian citizens.  the concept of government insurance healt is actually good but not enough, that's why there are private health insurance insurance for people who really hope to get fast and accurate service.

better service from healt insurance. will switch to private insurance, you name it, for example, like you like that. They provide packages that were 500 yesterday, there are also bills for surgery and all kinds of things that happen if we can take a room package that is Rp. 500,000 at one time  The next day, when inflation occurs, programs like Prudential provide insurance that is anti-inflation, so we are given the option between a room with a price of one million or a room with its own private bathroom at the hospital, so it doesn't matter, maybe the room is valued at IDR 3,000,000 for that one.  1 room itself but the cover doesn't all depend on adjustments.

Health insurance is for basic health needs, if it is covered then friends can enter the next level. The next stage is that we buy us from criteria, such as cancer, stroke. Because if we can't work and don't have income we will still be in  cover by insurance and can also be given money.

us If something happens, for example, permanent disability, accidents of all kinds, we can't support our family, it becomes a big problem, that's the way it happened, for example, our wife or children have other sources of income.  covered by insurance can work which provides 200 times 200 times monthly expenses so with the hope that later our wife or child will already have the ability to replace us as the backbone of the family and the next highest level is for life insurance if our family dies  compensation will be given.

the concept of life insurance is that when we die, we shouldn't burden other people, let alone burden the family for the insurance itself, what actually creates a misunderstanding is that children's insurance is mixed with investment program units, never mix insurance with investment.

If you want to invest in Mutual Funds in deposits, we have to separate the types of insurance. Those of you who do have more money, pay more, have additional premiums set aside for private health insurance. You have to transfer them later.  8% is planted later to pay for insurance. So apart from our growing investment, there is a question mark to pay for insurance and can cover us if friends already have good insurance.

If you already have insurance, maybe an emergency fund for 6-12 months and 1 to 3 months can already be invested. It can be divided between the children and the wife too, but try to keep the main policy with the head of the family.  Because if something happens to us, of course someone will cover it, namely insurance

Usually, the health investment is by eating regularly, getting enough rest, and exercising diligently. Don't forget these three things, keep exercising, eat on time, don't consume too much sugar, my prayer for all of you is I wish you all good health.


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