Car insurance available in Indo along with monthly costs

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Below I explain some about car insurance in Indo along with details of monthly installments

Car insurance in Indonesia provides financial protection to vehicle drivers for their vehicle and the passengers in it – in the event of a road accident, car collision, theft, natural disaster and others.

How many types of car insurance are there in Indonesia?Car insurance available in Indo along with monthly costs

Car insurance in Indonesia provides two types of vehicle insurance: All risk (comprehensive) car insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance.

All risk insurance (comprehensive) has more diverse protection, depending on the insurance benefits chosen by the insured.

Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance is a type of vehicle insurance that only provides protection if the damage to the vehicle reaches 75% of the vehicle's value or in the event of theft.

What is covered by all risk insurance?

All risk (comprehensive) car insurance in Indonesia is a type of car insurance that provides financial protection from the risk of loss or damage to a car, such as a car accident on the road, car collision, fire or theft.  At Roojai, you can arrange your own insurance policy protection benefits according to your needs, and at affordable insurance prices.

What is the difference between all risk (comprehensive) car insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance?

The main difference between all risk (comprehensive) car insurance and Total Loss Only is the type of insurance coverage provided, and of course the price of the premium.  All risk car insurance provides financial protection with broader insurance coverage than Total Loss Only coverage.  This means that if you have a TLO insurance policy, you can only make a claim if the damage to your car is equal to or more than 75% of the value of your car.  For example: a dented car bumper may be covered under an all risk car insurance policy, but not under a TLO policy.  However, if your car is stolen, this will be covered by all risk car insurance and by TLO car insurance.  Therefore, insurance premiums from all risk insurance are usually more expensive, because insurance companies have to take higher risks to protect your vehicle from many risks of damage.

What type of car insurance is most appropriate for me?

The best car insurance that's right for your car of course depends on several factors, such as your driving habits, financial condition, the type of vehicle you drive, and the level of coverage you want.

If you have a car that you drive frequently, all risk car insurance may be a better choice because it offers insurance coverage in the form of wider coverage and protection.  On the other hand, if your vehicle is old and you need cost-effective protection, Total Loss Only insurance can be the right choice.

What types of online car insurance are available in Roojai?

For now, Roojai Indonesia provides all risk (comprehensive) online car insurance with insurance protection and premiums that you can set yourself according to your needs and the insurance price you want.

What online car insurance benefit options are offered?

The Roojai all risk car insurance policy includes main protection which can then be adjusted with additional benefits according to your needs.

The guarantees available are:

The sum insured is up to 2 billion rupiah

Third party legal liability for bodily injury and property damage.  You can choose coverage worth IDR 0 (not covered), IDR 25 million, IDR 50 million, or IDR 100 million.

Personal accident insurance coverage.  You can choose coverage worth IDR 0 (not covered), IDR 25 million, IDR 50 million, or IDR 100 million per person.

Does car insurance in Indonesia provide coverage for car theft or burglary?

  Yes, theft and burglary are covered by car insurance.  For example, if someone steals your spare car, the loss will be covered by all risk car insurance.  Please remember that coverage only applies to damage or loss that occurs to your car.  So, if someone breaks your car window and steals your laptop, then the window damage will be covered by all risk car insurance.  To lose your laptop, you need a different insurance product.

  Does car insurance in Indonesia provide protection to provide?

  You can get cover to issue if you choose the additional expansions Riot, Terrorism and Sabotage.

  Is personal accident insurance or the cost of treating injuries resulting from a car accident included in all risk car insurance?

  Yes, car insurance in Indonesia also includes personal accident insurance or insurance for losses due to personal accidents or injury treatment costs.  At Roojai, you can choose personal accident coverage worth: IDR 0 (not covered), IDR 20 million, IDR 40 million, IDR 60 million, IDR 80 million or IDR 100 million per person.  We assume this includes 1 driver and 4 passengers.  That is, if you choose coverage worth 40 million, then we will cover 1 driver + 4 passengers with a value of Rp. 40 million each.

  Can I buy insurance for several cars in 1 vehicle insurance policy?

  Most car insurance will cover one car per vehicle insurance policy.  For multiple cars under one policy, there is something called fleet or commercial auto insurance.  Roojai Indonesia currently provides one insurance policy per car.  You can get insurance quotes online


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