Car insurance does not want to cover claim costs if the customer violates the agreement, especially if the load is excessive

 There are several risk impacts if you insist on carrying more cargo or a lot of passengers, of course all of that is apart from making it uncomfortable on the road and can disturb the comfort of other people on the road. What's more important is that you know the risks of carrying heavy cargo or a lot of passengers, it turns out  Your car insurance company does not want to cover repair costs if the agreed regulations are violated

Cars are often found carrying more passengers or luggage than recommended.  It turns out that apart from being dangerous because it is very risky, it turns out that this condition can also invalidate vehicle insurance.Car insurance does not want to cover claim costs if the customer violates the agreement, especially if the load is excessive,

   If it is proven that one of the causes of the accident was overloading, for example the car's capacity was only seven passengers but it turns out that at the time the accident occurred there were 12 passengers in the car, then the insurance company cannot help.  insurance claim.  This exception is in accordance with what is stated in the Standard Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy.

   Excessive loading of the vehicle capacity determined by the manufacturer if this is not regulated by the competent authority."

   According to Astra Insurance, being overloaded with goods or passengers can affect conditions such as the balance and speed of the car when driving, reduced tire pressure, reduced engine power, and can make fuel use more wasteful.

   Especially if you carry excess items on the roof of the car that are not closed tightly and not tied tightly.  This will of course change the balance point of the car and affect the speed of the car when driving, making it more difficult to control the car because the air resistance is greater.

The Risk of Cars Often Carrying Excessive Loads

   Usually, for the sake of efficiency, cars intended to carry heavy loads are often found with multi-level trunks.  Likewise with passenger cars which are often filled with passengers exceeding their capacity.

   This condition invites quite a big risk because there are impacts that will be felt.  One of them is that the condition of the car breaks down more quickly because the components work extra hard.

   First, of course the tires, this component will wear out more quickly because the load is greater than usual.  "It can age faster," said the Head of the Tunas Daihatsu Tangerang Workshop, some time ago.

   Then fuel consumption increases, this is because the engine requires high rpm to be able to move to carry the load.  "Then the clutch lining, this is the one most often exposed to excessive loads," he explained.

   Meanwhile, power transfer components such as rear-wheel drive car axles and engine parts are relatively rarely affected.  However, if maintenance is not accompanied, this component could also be affected, he concluded.

   Therefore, always prioritize safety.  Please remember that when driving, safety is the most important thing that must be prioritized.  By prioritizing safety and security, travel will be more comfortable and enjoyable.


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