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Are you looking for the best vehicle insurance?  Do you want to get the cheapest all risk car insurance?  With a total sum insured that is sufficient for your needs, you can also choose additional benefits (expansion) which are completely within your control.  Surely you are becoming more interested and curious, right? choose flexible and reliable car insurance

You must have tried Lego games.  Lego blocks can be installed and removed at will.  Likewise, the choice of additional benefits for All Risk Car Insurance from  is very .choose flexsibel and reliable car insurance, Apart from the main insurance amount of up to two billion rupiah, you can also add additional benefits for your vehicle protection.  There are several benefit expansion options that you can "disassemble" according to your wishes and budget before your policy is issued.

So, this article will discuss how flexible car insurance is as the best vehicle insurance for you.  Come on, continue reading to increase your understanding.
Car insurance is a financial product that provides financial protection in the form of compensation for losses experienced by the car owner if something happens to the vehicle or the driver and passengers in it in accordance with the contents of the agreed policy.

According to Investopedia, if there is a car insurance agreement between you (the Insured) and the insurance company (Insurer) it means that you are willing to pay premiums in the hope that the insurance company will provide protection against financial risks that may occur due to accidents or other losses to the insured vehicle. choose flexible and reliable car insurance

Basically, car insurance is divided into two, namely:

all risk car insurance (or also called comprehensive) which covers all types of damage to the car.

car insurance that covers total damage costs only (minimum 75% of the vehicle value)

At this time, we have provided the best car insurance for your vehicle.  Previously, did you understand what all risk car insurance is?

All risk insurance, or also known as comprehensive insurance, is a type of vehicle insurance that provides compensation or repair costs for partial or total loss/damage to the vehicle due to falling objects, fire, malicious acts, theft, confiscation, collision, collision or accident.  other traffic.

This insurance is usually suitable for cars aged zero to 10 years.  The reason is that the condition of the car is still very smooth so it needs comprehensive protection
The best car insurance that is right for your car depends on several factors, such as your driving habits, financial condition, the type of vehicle you drive, and the level of coverage you want.  You can arrange your own insurance protection benefits according to your needs, of course with the best cheap car insurance prices because the premiums are very affordable.

If you have a car that you drive frequently, all risk car insurance is a better choice because it offers insurance coverage in the form of broader coverage and protection.
Losses due to fire are included in the main protection of all risk insurance, while protection from floods and natural disasters is included in the extended benefits. 

 You can add your best vehicle insurance protection in the form of compensation for losses that occur to your car due to natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.choose flexible and reliable car insurance

by choosing flexible car insurance
You can choose to pay premiums annually or in installments over 6 months for a lighter insurance premium payment method.  In addition, if you choose annual payment, you have the opportunity to get a discount.  Installment payments can not only be made by credit card.  You can choose to use auto debit with the bank debit card you have.


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