How to protect car insurance for modified vehicles in the world

 This time I will discuss how to apply for car insurance that has been modified. For more information, please read my article below.

Of course, not all cars come with the pinnacle of automotive features. But luckily, having a “comfortable ride” isn’t limited to new cars; There are many ways to update your old car, and some car accessories can make a world of difference!

But before you modify your car or invest in the latest gadgets, consider the dos and don’ts of modifying your car in Saudi Arabia. Also, find out if your car insurance covers car accessories. Read on to find out!How to protect car insurance for modified vehicles in the world

Modifying your car is very much allowed in Saudi Arabia, but some regulations will need to be followed before modifying the engine, exhaust system, suspension or adding accessories. Let’s know a little about modifying your car in KSA – legally.

The need for speed isn’t the only thing that should cross your mind when you hear a mod! People modify their cars for all sorts of reasons; sometimes adding accessories can make owning and driving a car a better experience.

In general, compulsory insurance is limited to third-party liability coverage. Simply put, it could cover all possible damages to others that may happen in a car accident that you caused. But unlike TPL, a comprehensive insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage that protects others, you and your car. In detail,defines comprehensive car insurance as:

An insurance policy covering loss or damage to the insured vehicle, including its accessories, as a result of any accidental collision or as a result of mechanical failure or breakdowns caused by prolonged use of the vehicle. This also includes damage that is not the direct result of an accident (subject to the terms and conditions stated in the policy). The difference between comprehensive car insurance and third party car insurance

Whenever we think about accidents, we rarely think about the previous damage. Undoubtedly, some accidents can damage cars inside and out. Sometimes, unfortunate events can cause damage to the internal parts and contents of the car, such as the dashboard, sound speakers and even the seats. In this case, the insurance will deal with the repair or replacement of the interior contents of the car resulting from:

In terms of car accessories, most insurance companies require prior declaration of modifications, accessories and their value. List all your add-ons and changes in the policy table and rest assured that any claim you make later will be upheld.

Comprehensive insurance normally doesn’t cover extra parts (ie your car’s accessories), leading to expensive out-of-pocket costs when your car is damaged, stolen or vandalised. Unless you state the facts when you take out your insurance policy, chances are your insurance will reject your claim.

Absolute! All you have to do is contact your insurance company’s customer service department to purchase additional coverage. It is also highly advisable to inform your insurer of any changes or addition of car accessories as soon as possible.

If you’re shopping online for comprehensive car insurance, price comparison sites can make it easy; Try! Find the best affordable car insurance plans in Saudi Arabia.

You may also be wondering, “What about all the other things and personal belongings that were inside the car at the time of the accident?”


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