how to register for luxury car insurance and how to claim minor to severe damage

Luxury cars have very high value not only for mobility. people's reasons for buying luxury cars can vary, including as a status symbol to helping the owner run smoothly.  Of course, luxury car insurance is needed to protect this valuable asset.

However, luxury cars still face the risk of damage, accidents, and even the risk of loss due to theft.  With car insurance, luxury car owners (both individuals and companies) will get financial protection from the risks mentioned. how to register for luxury car insurance and how to claim minor to severe damage,

What is the difference between luxury car insurance and other car insurance?  Come on, continue reading this article so that your knowledge increases.

Basically, insurance for luxury four-wheeled vehicles and other ordinary cars is not much different.  Both provide protection from damage and loss, as well as reimbursement for repair costs at partner workshops in accordance with the policy.

However, a special thing related to luxury car protection is the availability of spare parts or car components.  Luxury car parts are difficult to obtain.

By having luxury car insurance, it will be easier for you to get spare parts from a company registered as an  (brand holder agent).  So your luxury car will be repaired immediately with the repair costs borne by the insurance company according to the policy you have.

Have you just bought a car and now want to protect your favorite vehicle?  Come on, learn how to register for car insurance.

Types of luxury car insurance

Just like regular car insurance, there are two types of luxury car insurance, namely total loss only car insurance and all risk car insurance.

Total loss only

 car insurance is a guarantee of vehicle protection and repairs for total damage or at least 75% of the vehicle value.  This insurance also guarantees protection against loss of vehicle due to theft.  If the vehicle damage is less than 75%, you cannot make a claim.

 insurance premiums are relatively cheaper than all risk insurance.  However, if your luxury car experiences minor or moderate damage, you have to bear the costs yourself because the damage is less than 75%.  If the risk that occurs is total damage, you will get coverage according to your policy.

All risk insurance

All risk insurance, as the name suggests, guarantees vehicle protection from all risks.  This insurance is also known as comprehensive or complete.  All damage, whether light or heavy, even loss, can be claimed if you have an all risk insurance policy.  Of course, damage and loss are accidental events.

Because the scope of all risk insurance protection is fairly broad, this car insurance premium is also more expensive than .  Of course, the insurance costs you pay are commensurate with the protection benefits you get.

component damage or disruption.  By repairing it at a partner workshop, your car will be repaired and damaged components will be replaced.  The insurance company will reimburse repair costs, in part or in full, according to the policy you have.

You can also add personal accident protection, both for those of you who have a luxury car and the driver who takes you everywhere.  Personal Accident Insurance from Indonesia can provide you with protection from the risk of long-term loss due to accidents.

This insurance has various benefits, namely cash compensation as a replacement for lost income due to accidents or treatment costs at partner hospitals/clinics which are covered Cash.

For those of you who are active, this insurance also protects you from the risks of various activities such as riding two-wheeled vehicles, extreme sports hobbies, and others.  Of course,  provides affordable and best-in-class prices specifically designed for you luxury car owners.

Personal accident insurance is important for people with high mobility.  Learn how to manage accident insurance from registration to claim.


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