Job's work as an insurance sales agent

 The challenges of working in insurance, I've been working for an insurance company for more than five years and a half, so what are the challenges I'm making to share with friends what they do, what do they do at the insurance company, the insurance seller?

This is usually Prudential, network and Bus,
There are several insurance companies that are not in other banks.  So that's what their agent usually calls Canvas. I have a friend from Prudential. I like to meet together in the field. I've changed insurance again.  So I'm still looking for information on the challenges in insurance companies, especially during the pandemic, yes, the name of an agent, there is such a thing as free insurance, mentions for BNI BRI, another task, I want to mention it for AXA,

Job's work as an insurance ,So it's clear that one stays at the bank, but that doesn't mean you can't visit outside because it should be noted that not all banks speak all languages ​​or go to branches that are busy with visitors or have lots of friends. So usually I will focus on challenges according to my experience.  So how do we go about holding one branch and some even getting small branches ourselves? Depending on the situation, what's the challenge, so that's it for me.

Entering the office at 07.15 you have to come to the branch office, so even though we discussed it, it didn't come directly from, at the branch, you have to follow the culture or work culture of , Bank BNI, Bank BRI, depending on which bank we are placed in.

We have to call it a morning briefing, right?  Tomorrow we all get together, depending on the head of the branch, some are ignorant, some were asked yesterday who gave referrals. Various kinds of Maya, including the first, you have to get up early because Bang. It's visible, but they open at 8 before 8. loud, a quiet branch automatically affects the number of customers who come to the branch.

customer data as well as customer characteristics, yes, for example branches that are near the student campus What if you want students to be in the low category?

join together to get out with less children, for example, children who don't like disbursement a lot, for example,

Insurance insurance Rp. 350,000, for example, even though there are customers or marketing objections here because it burdens customer repayments like that, it's quiet and the way out is with customer service or with the boss, (the boss isn't really the boss) Anyway, he's part of general marketing, so he sells mortgages, yes, he sells the credit he sells so we can hang out together with him.

Next, what is the sad branch, the next challenge that was the most difficult for me to do too, was approaching

tellers, we have to be good at ingratiating themselves, if we don't get support, we have to eat together, right? Buy coffee drinks without if we get a bonus, so the next challenge is our personality, can we approach bank staff because after all, referrals have customers come to open accounts. If we're not close, they won't refer in my house. in the branch because it doesn't suit me.  That approach is really the core of success, in my opinion, on this site not because we are smart, not because we are smart in the insurance world or whatever, but that approach, especially the approach with gopi together,

All insurance company products that are very prominent or become the main product are unit link. This is what we offer, we must be prepared, yes, trading must be flexible.  If we offer to call it non-turn insurance, this feels a bit heavy and closing. In my experience, maybe there are friends who watch Ninjago, yes, they sell honestly. Okay, it looks cool, but my experience is that almost everything is very difficult, it's very difficult not to use language that is how it is, don't make a little twists and turns, use additional sweeteners, the savings will melt down later.  So how do you get people interested in becoming customers?

Because I still respect my friends who are still engaged in insurance but can't live up to the standards.  when we train, the benchmark is if we trade, use the language taught by the Trainor when we train, it's a bit quiet, starting from the first, yes, the work culture can still follow the work culture, bro, if the head of the branch has a high level of discipline, don't come home late at night, maybe you can go home first, but sometimes we can help with painting, helping CS with lots of soy sauce, actually we can help both

our three approaches or personalities can we get close to approaching RCS and all kinds of the latter

 don't have to sell this type of product yourself. But of course there are still more challenges when we're already in the field, but if you get hit, why do the branch people like us? That's for sure. Our bonuses can be big because there are definitely a lot of children in closing. Yes, we'll be helped if there's competition, thank you.


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