now is the time to shop for new or used car insurance offers


Getting auto insurance quotes from multiple providers doesn’t affect your credit score. When an auto insurance company issues a quote, it does a soft credit check and this doesn’t affect your credit score. You should research around and get quotes from different auto insurance companies if you want to find the best possible rate.

In terms of the major insurers in the country, Travelers, State Farm, USAA and Nationwide offer some of the best auto insurance quotes in the nation and are generally our top picks. The comparison table below highlights the overall rating and cost ratings for the 10 best suppliers to consider when comparing is the time to shop for new or used car insurance offers

*Although USAA received our second highest cost rating, it was dropped from our overall ranking of best auto insurance quotes because its membership is limited. for military members, veterans and their families.

The auto insurance rate you’ll pay depends on a number of individual factors. To help you buy the best coverage for your particular situation, we’ve compared prices for popular insurance types.

We also provide price comparisons for policies that apply to motorists in certain categories that can significantly affect prices. These monthly and yearly price estimates are from leading providers and apply to 35-year-old drivers with good credit and good driving records.

Auto insurance quotes often break down rates for different coverage levels so you can compare rates for minimum liability and full coverage policies. The average cost of auto insurance in the United States is $627 per year ($52 per month) for minimum liability coverage and $2,008 per year ($167 per month) for full insurance policies. .

Below, we compare estimated rates from leading providers for both levels of coverage. We also provide a look at the cheapest auto insurance providers by state for minimum liability and full coverage.

Auto insurance quotes are highly personalized, which means that the above providers may not provide the best auto liability insurance quote for your situation. One of the main reasons to compare auto insurance prices is that your location significantly affects how much you’ll pay.

The table below includes the cheapest auto liability insurance rates by state to provide a breakdown of how much you can pay for coverage where you live.

*USAA offers the cheapest rates in many states, but because coverage is only available to military personnel and their families, USAA cost data is not included in this table.

Comprehensive auto insurance includes property damage liability insurance, bodily injury liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. Below, you can compare auto insurance quotes from 10 popular providers with a full coverage policy.


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