Trusted online car insurance-recommended for adjusting your money

There are several types of car insurance that are the best. Of course, adjust your financial capabilities and suit your needs

Trusted online car insurance is important for car owners who want to buy coverage products to know. This online car insurance was born and developed along with the rapid growth of information technology to date.

The presence of online insurance means that protection products can be offered via digital channels.  Various types of insurance that can be purchased online are home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and car insurance.Trusted online car insurance-recommended for adjusting your money

The following is a review of online insurance for cars that you need to know, as quoted from Qoala.

1. Garda Oto Insurance: Even though it is not the cheapest, the Garda Oto insurance company is also a big name that was founded in 1995 so the guarantees it provides can be trusted.  There are quite a lot of partner workshops from this company and they are spread over 500 locations.

This way, you don't need to be confused when you want to repair vehicle damage. This insurance also includes additional coverage for the risk of riots, earthquakes, floods and others.

Another advantage is the free 24-hour Emergency Road Assistance service feature, including towing services, flat tires on the road, and others.

Premium costs for TLO insurance start from IDR 63,000, while for all risk car insurance it is IDR 215,000.

Furthermore, the age of the car that is included in this insurance coverage is a maximum of 10 years.

2. ABDA Auto Insurance: ABDA automotive insurance is also not classified as cheap car insurance because the TLO premium is set from IDR 68,000 and All Risk IDR 280,000.

However, the price paid will be commensurate with the services, including free 24-hour Emergency Road Assistance and the availability of partner workshops in up to 400 locations

3. Sinar Online Car Insurance: MasSinar Mas has the best online car insurance which is offered with various advantages, starting from cheap premiums, a number of 584 partner workshops spread across various regions in Indonesia, to the age of the dependent cars which are quite old.

This car insurance from Sinar Mas could be one of the candidates that should be considered.

The TLO Sinar Mas car insurance premium starts from IDR 35,000, while for All Risk IDR 175,000 with a maximum age of the dependent car of 12 years.

4. MAG Multi Artha Guna (MAG) Car Insurance also offers motor vehicle insurance, including online car insurance.

The TLO premium starts from IDR 35,000, while the All Risk insurance premium is IDR 193,000.

It will also be easier for you to access services because this insurance has partner workshops with up to 534 workshops.

In fact, this insurance also includes protection against repair costs at an official repair shop.

5. AXA Car Insurance (AXA Auto Insurance) AXA Mandiri is one of the most popular names in the insurance business.  Apart from its reputation, AXA is also known for providing complete services with relatively cheap premiums, starting from IDR 46,000.

You can also get additional services in the form of free towing plus taxi, personal accident coverage, and third party coverage.

Not only that, this insurance can cover cars up to 15 years old for the TLO type of insurance. Therefore, you can also use this car insurance to protect used cars.

6. Tokio Marine Insurance Tokio Marine is the largest and oldest Japanese insurance company in the country.

This company offers trusted car insurance with cheap premiums and complete services.

With premiums starting from IDR 36,000 for TLO, you can get additional services in the form of towing plus ambulance, third party coverage, disaster and personal accident.

Even though the coverage of their partner workshop network is not as extensive as that of other companies - only around 100 partner workshops -, the workshop repair guarantee they offer is very guaranteed and reliable.  For the insured's car, the maximum age is 10 years.

7. Best Car Insurance from ACA Otomate Central Asia Insurance (ACA) is part of the Salim Group and is also one of the best in the car insurance business.

The types of insurance it offers are varied, starting from All Risk, TLO, and also ACA Automate which is offered in 3 different packages.

Even though in terms of premiums it is not among the cheapest, the service is clearly very complete.

The Sum Insured (UP) from this insurance reaches IDR 75 million and the protection also covers the risk of flooding and third party losses.

Apart from that, there is also free 24 hour ERA and replacement car facilities while your car is under repair.

Premiums for TLO at ACA Otomate start from IDR 48,000 and for All Risk premiums IDR 218,000, while the maximum age of the insured car is 7 years.

8. Tugu Pratama Insurance: With TLO premiums starting from IDR 35,000 and All Risk IDR 175,000, Tugu Pratama Insurance can be called cheap online car insurance which has a fairly extensive network of up to 307 partner workshops spread across various locations.

The maximum age of the insured car is 10 years.  Another additional advantage, namely vouchers for refilling fuel at Pertamina gas stations.

9. Adira Autocillin Online Car Insurance

Autocillin Insurance from Adira also offers All Risk and TLO online car insurance with quite complete additional services, starting from free ERA 24 hours, fast claims via the application in just 1 day, to the Autocillin Garage feature which can complete minor damage repairs on the same day. Will  However, the premium is slightly more expensive, with details for TLO starting from IDR 72,000, while All Risk IDR 282,000.

10. Allianz Car Insurance (MobilKu) Allianz has become a big name in the world of insurance so its quality and trustworthiness are guaranteed. There are several types of insurance provided by Allianz for vehicles, from comprehensive to optional, which can be adjusted to your choice.

The premium costs are also relatively cheap, namely for the ECO package, for example it is set at a premium cost starting from IDR 39,000 per month. The additional services it offers can also be said to be quite complete, starting from free 24 hour ERA, protection from flood risks, to additional insurance coverage.  third party.

Types of Online Car Insurance: TLO Car Insurance This type of insurance will only cover serious damage so that the car can no longer be used or when it is lost due to being stolen.

The damage that can be claimed is damage whose repair value is at least 75% of the car price, while the premium is usually 0.44% of the car price.

All Risk Car Insurance: This insurance is a more comprehensive type.  If your vehicle is registered with this insurance, you will receive compensation for minor to severe damage claims and also losses due to theft.

Compared to TLO insurance, the premium is indeed larger, namely around 3.26% of the car price.

Combined Car Insurance: This type is a combination of All Risk and TLO insurance, which can only be obtained with a car loan.

By registering with this insurance, your car will be covered for all risks in the first year, while for subsequent years only TLO.

Extended Car Insurance (Rider) Then, there is also a type of extended guarantee car insurance.  This insurance is an additional benefit beyond coverage for risks caused by accidents or loss.

Collision Coverage Car Insurance: As the name suggests, the following type of insurance is offered specifically to cover the risk of damage due to collisions caused by the driver.

The compensation given is equal to the price of the car.  In fact, this type of insurance still provides compensation if the vehicle is seriously damaged and the costs associated with repairing the vehicle exceed the price of the car.

Car Insurance Liability Insurance This next type is similar to collision coverage, namely insurance that covers accidents caused by the driver.

However, the difference is, apart from covering damage to the car, this insurance also covers medical bills related to the accident.

Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance

At first glance, this insurance is similar to life insurance because it provides protection for the driver or vehicle owner and also passengers from the risk of death, permanent disability and medical costs resulting from accidents.

However, this type of insurance has not yet been implemented in Indonesia, but is common in developed countries such as Europe or America.


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