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choose flexible and reliable car insurance

  Are you looking for the best vehicle insurance?  Do you want to get the cheapest all risk car insurance?  With a total sum insured that is sufficient for your needs, you can also choose additional benefits (expansion) which are completely within your control.  Surely you are becoming more interested and curious, right? choose flexible and reliable car insurance You must have tried Lego games.  Lego blocks can be installed and removed at will.  Likewise, the choice of additional benefits for All Risk Car Insurance from  is very .choose flexsibel and reliable car insurance,  A part from the main insurance amount of up to two billion rupiah, you can also add additional benefits for your vehicle protection.  There are several benefit expansion options that you can "disassemble" according to your wishes and budget before your policy is issued. So, this article will discuss how flexible car insurance is as the best vehicle insurance for you.  Come on, continue reading to increa

Job's work as an insurance sales agent

 The challenges of working in insurance, I've been working for an insurance company for more than five years and a half, so what are the challenges I'm making to share with friends what they do, what do they do at the insurance company, the insurance seller? This is usually Prudential, network and Bus, There are several insurance companies that are not in other banks.  So that's what their agent usually calls Canvas. I have a friend from Prudential. I like to meet together in the field. I've changed insurance again.  So I'm still looking for information on the challenges in insurance companies, especially during the pandemic, yes, the name of an agent, there is such a thing as free insurance, mentions for BNI BRI, another task, I want to mention it for AXA, Job's work as an insurance ,So it's clear that one stays at the bank, but that doesn't mean you can't visit outside because it should be noted that not all banks speak all languages ​​or go to bra

Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023

Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023 General passenger requirements if you want to take the newest train, written in June 2023 referring to the ministry of transportation circular letter number 17 of 2023, to be precise, issued on June 12, 2023,  The requirements for taking the train are now much easier in color. The first color is regarding the Covid-19 vaccination and vaccination is recommended because it is still vaccinating, but I once asked a Flashlight from PT Kereta Api Indonesia 121, the conditions for Covid patients have been relaxed, so is it possible for those of you who haven't done Booster dose vaccinations, or haven't even had vaccinations at all.  Requirements for travel for the latest train passengers in 2023 However, if you are in good health, you may travel by train, but for you it is still recommended to be able to carry out vaccinations like that, then secondly, make sure you use a mask, it is more recommended, but passengers who

It is important that we have insurance when traveling

  Vacation travel companions or staycations at hotels are part of today's human needs, it has become a basic need like food and drink in ancient times, if we traveled it was a common thing, but now it's living or not traveling.  from the lowest class to the middle class to the top and moreover after this pandemic we live like we are under restraints.  can't goaniwhere It is  important that we have insurance when traveling and once the rules for sleeping you will see a lot of people leaving the house talking straight out of the house traveling to tourist attractions to the beach or out of town and even abroad, but friends, do you know that while traveling, of course there must be unforeseen events like Sorry, plane crash that disappeared due to bad weather or luggage luggage we were caught doing business at the airport and so on, friends. This is what makes us have to be prepared for incidents like this in one way, one of which is to have tv insurance or travel insurance i