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Introduce my name is agus People who know me usually call me Nono.  I am originally from Indonesia and love to write on the blog.  His love of writing grew since he first encountered blogging in 2004. From being unable to write at length, he eventually developed into a small writer and continued to take an interest in photography, which is still being studied and needs continuous development.

Life is learning, and as long as we breathe we will continue to learn.

I am originally from Malang, a city in East Java, then in the city of Semarang, the provincial capital of Central Java which is famous for its Lunpia for 4 years.  And now my journey continues in the city of malang jatim, which is to the west of Jakarta.  I love writing so much that I often take part in various competitions and sometimes write articles both on blogs and in several print media.  Besides that I really like photography, singing, and very interested in language and culture.  Getting to know other cultures is a special passion for me, although I still get to know more about my own culture.  Why?  My country is very rich in culture which would be a shame if it were not preserved by the children of their own country.

For those of you who want to get to know me better, don't hesitate to contact me.  Through this blog, let's build a relationship for world peace.  If not us, who else?

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In short: Male, Muslim, Indonesian, Javanese.

How are you?

Welcome to my new web blog. http://www.jobkdi.com Most people around me call just Nono…not No-No.  I am original Indonesian and I eagerly love blogging.  I started to love writing when I opened my first blog in 2004. From just short ones to a soo long article, developed into an amateur writer and turned into photography loving which I am still learning on it up to now.


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